Road Marking & Surface Treatment


One company – capable of covering the entire spectrum of Highway Services


Our Road Marking Division not only works in conjunction with our other divisions but also independently.  Road Marking Division clients are drawn from public, private and Construction sectors and its experience in-corporates all manners of markings and sign installation for roads, cycle lanes, car parks and controlled parking zones.  Dependent on surface type, condition and needs of customer we can use differing products such as MMA, Thermoplastic & Epoxy Resin.


High Friction Surfacing is designed to reduce braking distances and increase grip especially in wet weather.  This is particularly useful on the Highway at junctions, pedestrian crossings, roundabout approaches and cycle and bus lanes.  It can also be used as a decorative surface as there are a variety of coloured aggregates available.


If you are looking for an alternative surface for your driveway or garden instead of traditional block paving or asphalt we can provide a resin bound surface.  This is created when natural aggregate and other recycled materials are washed, dried and mixed with a binding resin. The material is hand laid and the result is something that is highly practical and high end.


This is sometimes referred to as scatter coat and involves the application of a two-part polyurethane resin directly onto a solid surface.  Resin is applied and then dried aggregate is spread over the tacky resin surface by hand.  This is then left to cure overnight and any excess not bonded to the resin is simply swept away and removed.